Batman: Episode 5 City of Light – We are the New Heroes

While Super Mario Run may have handed some excitement to iphone games, Batman has also released some exciting new episode – series 5, City of LIght. We do not know if it is because of the wear of the formula, by saturation after having played so many games that are exactly the same in their playable proposal or because there has really been a noticeable loss of quality in their productions, but Telltale series are getting less excited .

What were previously relevant releases that we were looking forward to and that were able to maintain our interest chapter by chapter, have now been relegated to minor titles that are played almost by inertia and where the player’s decisions are less and less important, as well as any type of Playable interaction that goes beyond choosing a response in a conversation or exceeding a QTE.

And it is a real pity, as the study continues to demonstrate that it knows how to write good scripts to build an exemplary narrative full of charismatic characters and depth, although they have not been able to evolve in these four years that have passed since they gave their formula of Gold in 2012 with the first season of The Walking Dead and have ended up being stuck.

Game of Thrones already gave us dangerous notices that the studio needed to be renewed and reinvented, but it was not until this Batman: The Telltale Series when the exhaustion of the one that their games end up being totally evident, failing in things as basic and important as the Own rhythm of the script, very irregular and tediously slow at times.

And this is something that hurts us a lot, since few people think that they are more interesting than Batman so that the studio demonstrated his talent and made us enjoy a great story with one of the most iconic and beloved heroes of culture Modern.

Eye, it is not a bad game, but neither one especially remarkable. The rhythm has been irregular, the main plot is not too original and it is so “Batman” that except for some surprise we have seen almost all its turns, the consequences of our decisions have been ridiculous and for each chapter that was going on They let us play less. And all this not to mention the outdated graphic engine of which it gala, tarnishing completely the good work that has been realized in its artistic design.

Almost all the plots are closed, but leave open the possibility of being resumed in the future.
All this is something that can be perfectly applied to City of Light, the final episode of this adventure of the Masked Crusader, as it suffers from almost all the errors that have suffered the season. In fact, this time the burden of argument has been greatly diluted to give more prominence to the action and confrontations, so we will hardly have a couple of revelations.

Being more concrete, here we will finally discover the authentic motives to act of Lady Arkham, as well as its great master plan, being both slightly disappointing and leaving to this villain like an enemy without too much charisma and far from the more mythical rivals of Bat Man.

In addition, the chapter is so short (it will not last much longer than an hour) that the whole outcome and closure of the plot feels a little rushed, but this does not mean that we can enjoy a spectacular, choreographed and directed final battle with Perfectly chosen and studied camera plans that make it clear how well cinematic language dominates in Telltale.

Will there be a second season? The study, of course, has left the door open for this, although you can rest easy, since all the plot lines (with the exception of one that has only given us slight clues) are closed, like the main plot, So we are going to leave stockings.

In the playable there is not much to say, since everything is limited to watching video sequences while choosing answers with decisions that have not supposed any type of dilemma and almost without consequences (we have only found one more or less remarkable). To get a little out of the norm, in this episode has been reintroduced a research scene in which we have to link several tracks, although it offers no challenge and we will not take a minute to solve it.

The rest, as you can imagine, are sequences of action full of QTEs very easy to hit. They are very well designed and directed, but they are dull because of the graphics engine (the animations are so rigid that it fails to offer at any moment the feeling of fluidity that a battle should have) and a gameplay virtually non-existent and bland.

Graphically, as we have already mentioned, this is a very improved game, with just right modeling, animations that leave a lot to be desired and textures and effects that fall short even for the previous generation. Despite this, the staging is very good and the artistic design we love.

Finally, the sound leaves us the same soundtrack that we have been listening to throughout the season, although not always used correctly (there are some abrupt audio cuts when you want to change the subject) and it lacks some variety. The effects compliment without any more and the dubbing, in English, returns to be to a very high level. The texts are translated into Spanish, although there are many errors, such as untranslated sentences or directly without subtitling.

Finally we think Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 5: City of Light is an acceptable ending to one of the weakest games in the studio thanks in part to a good final battle and the closure of almost all of its plot arcs, although it does not offer a special conclusion Memorable and the great villain of the show has stayed far from what we could expect from any of the great rivals.

Let us hope that the study begins to rethink very seriously in its next games its usual formula, since with this adventure we have become clear that it does not give for more, especially if we compare it to other similar titles, more modern and better executed where a great Narrative is not at odds with good gameplay. It would not be too much to give each other more time between projects, as this begins to adversely affect the scripts, which without being bad, have lost the brilliance and strength that characterized them.

If you are big fans of Batman, you will probably spend a few hours entertaining discovering how Telltale has reinterpreted this universe and has turned over several of its characters, but do not expect a title to match this legendary superhero.

We Played the New Super Mario Run and Here’s What We Think

Start your downloads! Nintendo Super Mario Run for iOS released and thus is the first smartphone game with the famous plumber officially available. The first three levels are free, all 24 levels across 6 worlds cost € 9.99.

We have the game already played here and were impressed with the detail and variety. Although Mario auto racing, this is no boring endless runner. Positive buy recommendation. Go play! Or read this review.

Mario runs automatically and automatically jumps over small objects. A short or long press on the screen, you determine how high and far Mario jump and swipe while jumping with your finger, you determine which side the plumber jumps on. During an automatic jump over an opponent, you can jump one more time to make a move and to eliminate the opponent. So turn your example three in a row. Bingo!

Mario always runs is uncomfortable. Sometimes you want to stop for good to look around or just go back to coins you missed to pick up. You can jump back to a limited extent by jumping against a wall and sweep to the left, but it remains very accustomed.

Fortunately, Nintendo does have certain elements built into the game that help you in making decisions. Arrows indicate hints that you can jump through the best and at strategic locations break down bricks where you stand on silent and you can determine next move. We saw this in levels where you have to jump over a series of fireballs, or just before a boss like in the screenshot below.

Variety and Detail
In terms of variety and detail Super Mario Run exceeds our expectations. Each level has its own soundtrack and graphic a unique look and feel. The gameplay is also very varied. You start in the first levels with a standard world where you do not do than jump, but in subsequent stages look behind ghost doors, jumping with tactical timing of elevators and air escapes guns Boom Boom airship.

Many elements you know from Mario games on consoles, have found their way to Super Mario Run. There are multiple ways to finish a level and game invites levels again about to do, for example swinging instead of jumping. Or take a different route. There are some levels at least four routes to get to the flag.

Just right, except for one thing
Super Mario Run is just right. Really Mario, well-known elements and extensive levels which can be complete in several ways. The game is not too difficult but certainly not simple. Adjustments for operation with one hand hold good. While it is free to play, you can actually unlock the full game if you visit Did it myself! Plus you get free coins for the game so its a pretty interesting site that gives out some awesome cheats.

The only criticism is that one requires an active Internet connection to play. This is an incomprehensible choice of Nintendo. This is just a game that lends itself to play in public transport, metro, or iPod from the kids who does not have 4G. At the start of each level is checked the authenticity of the app. We understand that piracy against Nintendo wants to go, but once or twice a day checking was tight enough. Fortunately, this is nothing that can not solve an app update.

Gladiator Heroes: Our Quick Review

I know we have already share some of our favorite games like FIFA 17 and Sim Freeplay so before 2016 is running out and vacations are just around the corner,  what’s better than to invest your free time with the new game Genera Games. Have you played Gladiator Heroes? Here’s our quick review!

The young developer, located in Spain, is the author of other games such as Head Soccer 2017, Kingcraft or Bubble Words, titles that make it clear that we can trust them. Gladiator Heroes can be the work that makes Genera Games take off within the industry, and is that the game promises.

In a market surpassed by the titles it costs much to emphasize and more in the sort that concerns us today: strategy. Can you rise as one of the greats?

In search of total conquest

We moved to Roman times. Our goal in this game is expansion. For this, we will establish our city and we will manage it to grow it, we will build armories, warehouses, infirmaries and many more types of buildings that will help us to prosper as a city. In the construction is where we will invest one of the game coins, wood, that we will generate with the sawmills. This will be the most basic currency of the game.

Okay, and what do I fight? This is the best, the fight will unfold with units that are, no more nor less than, gladiators! We will be able to train them, equip them and even choose what kind of skills and statistics we want them to have in order to progress through the huge map that is being opened up as we go through different landscapes: jungles, deserts, … As with constructions, to improve or Buy new warriors (they are crafted with a set of statues) we will use gold, which we will get with the markets.

The biggest advance in combat system

How to make combat on a touch screen have depth without falling into absolute chaos? Genera Games has found the formula.

We are presented with a sand with different elements with which we can interact as we deploy our gladiators. These will move automatically and fight against the enemy while we choose what skills and when to use them to win us. The personalization of the armament allows to create combos between our warriors to win with the minimum losses and thus to continue advancing in our conquest.

The strong point. A deep system that offers a real challenge to the most experienced players. In addition to this, we find the personalization of our gladiators that will make us invest time while our buildings are built and help us advance in the game.

Another point to emphasize is the replay mode and is that the same battle will have three levels of difficulty to unlock new weapons and resources. Everything a success.

I do not want to forget a point that, in my opinion, may be due to the early state of development, which is the loading time between screens, something excessive, but forgivable.

A somewhat sensitive section in portable games. In this case it is solved with a good menu that allows us to customize what kind of graphics we want, allowing almost any terminal to move it. To the maximum, the game is outstanding, with very worked details and very soft animations. At a minimum, it sacrifices resolution in exchange for fps, meets the expectations and allows to play it to more people.

Music and Sound
Environmental music that makes us get into the game in full. In battles it becomes somewhat repetitive to hear the noises of the fight, since they are the same for each type of gladiator, but not for that we are going to undervalue the quality of the audio in the interactions.

Our Take
Genera Games has put all the meat on the grill with this game and we offer constant updates, attention to the community and a very careful replay. Gladiator Heroes comes full circle to make a hole in our phones and give us hours and hours of play. Yes, it has bad things, like some repetitive loads or audio screens, but the graphics and textures worthy of an AAA and its new and cool gameplay will make this title one of the industry heavyweights.

Our Addiction to Fifa 17

FIFA receives been the criticism that will change too little and they seem to EA Sports to have attracted something. The game runs on a new engine (think of it as the technological engine that game on ‘runs’), namely the DICE Frostbite engine where almost every Major games publisher Electronic Arts today runs. There is also introduced a story mode where you go through the story of a talented player who ultimately wants to reach the top of the Premier League, and are capped lock standard situations even once taken in hand.

On the pitch itself are noticing some changes. The pace is a little lower than we were accustomed to FIFA 15 and 16, but this is football it better. Indeed, there is just a little more time to get that perfect through ball or to put in a tackle which both have a strong impact on the ball and the player. Another example of changes in the field are the standard situations that have gone on the shovel. Taking indirect free kicks, corner kicks and penalty kicks now is a lot more natural. In a corner is now possible to select using a cursor where the ball will end up. Also can choose to shoot the leather just right for your best topper making the corners again feel a lot more dangerous.

The gameplay in FIFA 17 has not changed dramatically. It is clear that EA has dared to make more choices that have an impact on the game. There is a new physical system introduced with which you can protect your player easily the ball as he waits for instance on the emerging players behind. Power has become a major factor and therefore an interesting weapon against fast players who in this FIFA part going to have a bigger impact on the final result.

One of the biggest verademingen I’ve noticed while playing is the intelligence of the players controlled by AI. So I played with my team Arsenal against Manchester United. In a switchover, there arose the ideal situation for my computer-controlled teammates to me good to walk on the feet. However happened totally not what I expected, because Alexis knew just to find free space and through a subtle stab chipped the ball was already for the second time against the ropes. Meanwhile, I have experienced several times that the AI ​​is a logical choice when it comes to the free walk allowing more goals arise we week after week may see on television. Linkages mistakes happen sometimes, but the goals where amateur even too big to feel, really decreased quite a bit.

For the beginner’s FIFA 17 to pick up again quite simple and to the expert, there are more options than ever to shape your game. Who prefers his flank players look up the chalk and gives long but tight assists, can adapt here completely. The laceration of the defense has never felt so good as with a through ball that leaves from the outside of the shoe and your attacker just achieved covered by two men. If the ball once found the ropes, you feel really what a great impact can make a good football game. The extra features are a pleasure to use in your personal playing style.

Another point where EA annual commitment is the experience. FIFA has been the game that football is the most advantage. The faces, names, uniforms and even the design of the competitions are for some time in the series. This year, they know at the studio doing a step further by bringing the faces of the coaches also in focus on the sidelines. A furious Mourinho, a cheering Klopp or a smiling Conte; all of them come over and the weather adds that little bit extra to the experience.

Unfortunately there is little change in the area of ​​commentators. Evert at Naples and Youri Mulder have learned a few new phrases and names and also bore the English reporters start a little. I had hoped that EA here would give a little more attention.

The graphic impact of the new Frostbite engine is not too little. The engine was presented with great fanfare after the game, but to graphics there is little to note that there is a completely new base behind the game. Players look very realistic, but still recognize there are still a number of details in the face just to make a little generic characters. The new engine does make a real difference when it comes to the animation on the field and the facial expressions of the players as they for example have missed a goal.

FIFA 17 is more than previous parts suitable for the player who likes his pots offline finishes. There is now a complete story mode where you follow the path of Alex Hunter on his way to the top. By proving yourself during training and raid turns you try to win a starting spot to eventually be the game winner. Electronic Arts has made a brave attempt to boys where every football player dreams of when he first puts on his long stockings, display as well as possible. The mode offers a new experience that we have not previously seen in a football game.

The Journey is very well organized, with lively-looking characters who each have their own role in the story. Do not expect Oscar worthy material, but The Journey is definitely a nice addition. Especially for the players that FIFA for picking the first time it’s a fun way to familiarize yourself with the controls and the overall feel of the game. Plus you get the choice to only as Alex Hunter to play your games or just to take control of the team. This option I can only applaud.

Small minus in The Journey is that the games sometimes feel driven anything. Thus, it sometimes seems as though you may not hattrick, because then you would the story to help soap. Whether this is also true that it is difficult to prove, but this feeling I got quite a few times.

In addition to The Journey, there is always the Player Career and manager career mode in which you must assert yourself as a player or as a manager. Also all the issues are addressed here. Do not expect fundamental changes, but additional customization options and the ability to select a manager that really hits along the lines of his shoe. The Career Manager is now also depends on the club you choose whether you need to focus policy more on developing young players, winning medals or just hitting snap must earn.

The most important part of FIFA for many is still always the multiplayer. Evenings succession scour the Internet looking for that one opponent who is match for you or just a few hours until the balls craze takes over and find the imprint of your controller in the ceiling. Online FIFA in various modes again very strong this year.

The game modes and Season Friendly Match is nothing changed. The real changes we find in FUT. So it is with the Squad Building Challenges (which you can trade with a puzzle-like minigame substitutes where various types of rewards across are like players in top shape or gold packages) possible to assemble a better team in less time. Additionally, it provides something more opposition to gamers who spend tens of euros on packets and a team full of world stars on the grass let trot. I know you may be looking for some free fifa coins so you can get the top players of the game because really, having the top players means dominating and winning your game match. There are some tricks in the internet including how to trade coins and generate it fast which I plan to make a post in the near future so just watch out for it. For now, we’ll just continue with our review.

Another change we find in FUT Champions; a mode in which the ranking is the only thing that matters. A nice addition to the players level to get a little extra challenge. For ordinary FUT lover however little added, although fortunately not so bad. The jars play and wait, you do hardly. The servers are fine and almost every game proceeds without delay in connecting to the Internet. The only thing that irritates occasionally the frame rate of the Xbox One that seems to have sometimes problems with a far goal kick by the keeper. In terms of servers, however, is nothing to complain about.

The online offer of FIFA 17 is back to licking your fingers. It’s just the quarterfinal round of the Champions League, because everywhere you look you see something that you like. Although there is little new under the sun, the weather plays nice and you feel sometimes really as big as the ego of Aad de Mos as you knows how to create a beautiful set online. The atmosphere during the games, various options to choose from and especially the ease with which you quickly find an opponent for a smooth pot football weather is really completely satisfactory.

FIFA 17 online is still the king when it comes to football. The choices are vast and EA has finally put a few bold steps, which make a significant difference. This is a cracker that can compare itself without any doubt with the Classic.

Our Take on Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay has been available for some time now both for the Android and iOS platform. And it is good that it gets continuous updates every month. This certainly keeps players occupied and wanting to play more. In this review you can read what The Sims FreePlay is and probably some tricks and tips along the way.

In The Sims FreePlay is not exactly anything already available. You start with a house, Sim and dog that you get from the game. At the bottom left of the screen is a button with a blue cloud with an exclamation mark in it. These are goals that you can go complete. By completing goals you play parts in the game free and you earn rewards. The first goals are quite simple and help to lay out the game. For example, you should let your Sim some food or perform its other needs. Later, you also get other assignments such as building a workplace or business so you can expand your city.

create Sims
Once you have learned the rudiments of the game is the time to make your first Sim.

You can choose from a variety of faces and hairstyles for your Sims. There is not extremely much choice, but especially for a free game offer not wrong. If there is nothing for you in between then of course you can always buy new things in the store. Furthermore, you can trouser and top loose sort of another, or select an entire outfit. You can even determine your Sims shoes to wear. The clothing range we found all much better than the supply for the hairstyles. There are many different pants, shirts and shoes that are also available in different colors. If you later want to change the outfit your Sim, then through the wardrobe.

As we said before, you have to play first rather some things in The Sims FreePlay before you can use it. The actions you perform Sims they earn experience points (EP). If you’ve earned enough experience points, you rise a level each time. Every time you move up a level you unlock new furniture, nice stuff, garden shrubberies, baking recipes and the ability to add more Sims, workshops and companies on the map.

Time course
The most striking difference with the ordinary Sims on PC is that all interactions take time. This can vary between 2 seconds, or even a day. You play this game also different. Fulfilling most needs will not be long (between 15 seconds and 2 minutes on average). After you get done you inspired Sims and give them assignments that last longer. So you can for example let them go to work, let gardening, skating or do something else. If you quit the game then your saved progress and get your Sims on with their activities. If you have earned the game a few hours later start than your Sims will now finish their assignments and money or other rewards that you can use again for example, to buy new things.

Earn money (Simoleons)
There are a few tricks to earn money so you will therefore have to earn Simoleons in the normal way without cheats. Sims can earn Simoleons by gardening, baking, work or a dog to let dig treasures. Simoleons with which you can then return furniture, nice stuff, garden shrubberies, baking recipes, pets, cars, homes, businesses and buy workplaces. Should you find yourself taking too long to make money, you can buy any Simdollarpakketten in the Store.

Gardening is one of the ways in which your Sims money (and experience points) to earn. You do this just to have a garden shrubbery and you can already start Sims. Tap the garden shrubbery and choose the seeds you want to plant. Most seeds cost money, but you also get a high reward in return. Then you will get to work Sim in the garden and see the plants grow slowly. If the interaction is finished you can harvest the plants and collect the reward by clicking on it.

Your Sims can also earn money to continue cooking. For this, they need a stove. For the rest, the cooking is going on in the same way as gardening. You select the dish what your Sim needs to prepare and if the interaction is finished you can by tapping collect the reward. Baking usually does produce fewer Simoleons than gardening, but your Sims usually earn more experience points with baking. So if you want to earn quick money, then you better go for gardening. But if you want to improve your level, you would be able to bake so that your Sims also earn some money.
Another way you can earn money Sims is obviously taking a job. For this you must have first built the associated workplace. Then you can send them to work on their working hours. By working your Sims earn Simoleons and experience points. If they make promotion then they will of course receive a higher reward. They can be promoted by gaining sufficient experience. Sims can gain work experience by just going to work, but at home they can possibly get started with a career relevant article of the Dump Store for faster promotion.

The furniture shop (the buy and build mode)
With Simoleons you can then for example, buy all kinds of objects for the house of your Sims. There is a wide choice. Some items are relatively inexpensive or even free and other objects will again have to save a little longer. Not everything is for sale immediately. For certain items you must have reached a certain level. Example, you can only build pools from level 20. Other objects can be freely again play in a different way. Example, you can unlock the diving board by collecting all 12 diving medals in the diving hobby. There are other tricks in the internet that you can you use to generate simoleons and LP really fast after you complete some short tasks but that will have to wait on another post. But if you are really interested with this kind of cheat, you can visit on one of their specific page for sims freeplay and how to get money fast to the game.

You could include a park, pet store, supermarket, snow park and build dump shop. In the dump store your career can buy items for your Sims. If they use then they will gain more work experience at home so they can make faster promotion and thus will earn more money earlier.


Your Sims can at the time of writing exercise six different hobbies. Perhaps there are even more hobbies in the future. With hobbies, your Sims can not only earn a lot of experience points (EP), but they can also unlock special items and other rewards earned. The Sims FreePlay information topic you can find more information about different hobbies.

The furniture shop (the buy and build mode)
With Simoleons you can then for example, buy all kinds of objects for the house of your Sims. There is a wide choice. Some items are relatively inexpensive or even free and other objects will again have to save a little longer. Not everything is for sale immediately. For certain items you must have reached a certain level. Example, you can only build pools from level 20. Other objects can be freely again play in a different way. Example, you can unlock the diving board by collecting all 12 diving medals in the diving hobby.

You could include a park, pet store, supermarket, snow park and build dump shop. In the dump store your career can buy items for your Sims. If they use then they will gain more work experience at home so they can make faster promotion and thus will earn more money earlier.
Your Sims can at the time of writing exercise six different hobbies. Perhaps there are even more hobbies in the future. With hobbies, your Sims can not only earn a lot of experience points (EP), but they can also unlock special items and other rewards earned. The Sims FreePlay information topic you can find more information about different hobbies.

If you have built the snow park you can Sims hobby skating learning at the ice hockey rink. If they practice long enough they can earn medals.

By obtaining medals Sims not only earn Simoleons, but they can also earn a lot of experience points and other rewards to unlock. In the hobby list is maintained all claims of your Sims and you can see when you’ll be playing some free.
Your Sims can enter into relationships with other Sims. In the relationship panel you can see what they think of other Sims.

If you want to marry or WooHoo two Sims! to do, they must first have reached their relationship status “Partners”. If they (recognizable by the pink color) some romantic interactions perform together, they will first reach the relationship status “Budding love.” If you then let more romantic interactions run they will reach the relationship status “Dating” and finally “Partners”. From that moment they can WooHoo do or do together a proposal together.

Before making a proposal, you need a ring. Each ring can be used only once. Choose wisely, because with expensive rings is likely that the proposal will not be rejected.

Your Sims can also have a baby. For this, you only have to buy a crib and place it in the house of the married couple. Then click the cradle to add the baby. It will take one day before the baby is born.
create and share photos
You can also take photos and instantly share via Facebook among others.

The Sims FreePlay is an entertaining game. It is very accustomed compared to the PC version and the approach is totally different. But certainly in the beginning it is very nice to get further in the game and before you know you’re more than 10 minutes a day lost to this game. Because all interactions can last quite long, this is not a game that you play for hours on end, but rather a game that you just pick up and then a few hours later or the next day to go play again.

It is a shame that some things in The Sims FreePlay is incredibly expensive. But on the other hand it is again understandable because this is a free game and so EA hopes to earn some by selling ingame currencies to make a return of their investment and I think it is fair.  There are expensive stuff in the game but it is optional and you can still be entertained without having to purchase them. The Sims FreePlay is certainly a fun game to play in your mobile phone or tablet, but of course it is far less superior compared to its PC versions. Bad or Good, I still love it!